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Diary of an Army Part V [Sep. 17th, 2006|01:20 pm]
Flames of War


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Tuesday 29th August

Finished off yesterday's twelve figures with a minimum of trouble although I was trying to get the move into the new place organised which effectively took most of the day away from the painting bench as I was not really mentally up to painting for very long at a time. I did manage to get the remainder of the figures undercoated (leaving just the 3 inch Mortar platoon to be sorted out ready for undercoating).

Given that I'm moving into the new place tomorrow I really needed to get everything finished tonight but I just wasn't able to. I'm a tad worried that if I don't get these infantry done now, I'll lose my impetus until such time as I have a painting setup ready at the new place, which means I need to get some dowelling and some wood blocks ready. I'll also need to grab some decent lengths of 2" square section balsa for the mass undercoating. So it may be some time before I get another chance.