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Diary of a Late War Brit Army - some photos [Sep. 18th, 2006|01:56 pm]
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About time you say?

Here are some photos:
The first is a pic of three Churchills. Like I mentioned, I haven't weathered or detailed them yet, they're still very much works in progress. I'm rather pleased with the look especially as they fit in with the rest of the army now, but they still need some tidying up and touching up in areas like the towropes plus of course markings.

Three Churchills

The next pic is of all four Churchills including the natty CS version with the 95mm Howitzer. I've still to add all the extra track links etc and redo the trackwork.

Four Churchills in Echelon

The final picture is the current state of my Late War Brits. There're a few more on the painting desk waiting to be finished (vis the various posts) and the rebasing is still a week away but for now that's pretty much it, with two platoons of infantry expanding to three after basing plus a Mortar platoon. I haven't done the Carrier Patrols as yet, as they need significant work and some special basing techniques.

Current state of Brits

I'd note that the Cromwells are still around at Evan's. embarassed look