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just starting out [Mar. 9th, 2009|03:55 pm]
Flames of War


I'm just starting out in FoW and I have a few questions and need some advice.

Assault confuses me!!

I built a bunch of Shermans over the weekend and primed them with GW Chaos Black primer and then tried to airbrush them, but was very disappointed...
First off, my airbrush experiences is slightly more than NONE!
I have a Badger single action airbrush running off canned air.
I was using Tamiya acrylic thinned with Windex
Problem #1 - I over thinned the paint
Problem #2 - I it looks like I got dust on the primer or in the first layer of base coat

I stripped the models using a concentrated Simple Green-like degreaser a friend gets from work, but I think either the Windex or degreaser "etched" the surface on some of the resin pieces.
I re-primed things this morning, but I'm afraid to retry the airbrush...

Does anyone have any advice for a mediocre 40K painter?

For Germans, I have a Panzergrenadier platoon with half-tracks and staff cars, , a pair of cannons, a few (4?) Stug G's and a King Tiger.
For Americans, I have 8 Shermans, a Lee, a halftrack, a howitzer squad, a rifle company in box and a pair of jeeps with trailers.

I'd like to start playing using the missions in the Open Fire set and a "Kelly's Heros" mission I found online that pits 5 Shermans against a King Tiger in a village...

Does anyone have any other baby step missions they could suggest??

[User Picture]From: doubletap
2009-03-10 10:43 am (UTC)
Welcome to the wonderful world of FOW.

First question, are you trying to do this solo?

Just read through the assault rules and follow the examples, you will get the handle of it.
Go to a gaming store or club to watch and participate in some games, pick the experienced players brains for advice.

You could play the Free For All scenario, just play it on a 4 foot by 4 foot table.

Maybe add a 2nd Panzergrenadier platoon in trucks, some light Anti-aircraft guns and a 7.5cm PaK40 anti tank gun platoon to your Germans.
For your Americans add a few more half-tracks, a 3" AT gun platoon, a AA half-track platoon, a spotter plane and some P-47 Thunderbolts.

What type are the German cannons and American howitzers that you have?

As for airbrushing, well I hand paint with acrylics and spray can the undercoat on.

I hope this helps.
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[User Picture]From: silvester10528
2009-03-10 01:48 pm (UTC)
"Solo" as in I have two semi-willing test subjects and a a few slightly interested guys in my local 40K club who probably won't be buying their own FoW models any time soon... The closest group of FoW players I have found so far are about 90 minutes drive away.

I found a bulleted walk-thru of assualt, but it still looks a little confusing - funny thing is, I went to the "local" FoW group to watch a game over this past weekend and some of them were saying how difficult 40K assault resolution is and I sort of find it easier to follow...

I was looking at the Missions in the rulebook and they are similar to how the missions were in 40K 4th Edition, which I liked.

I'm not sure about the German cannons, it was a two model blister that "looked neat" when I was buying the howitzers - 105mm I think.

I found that I had a can of Tamiya spray and used that on three Shermans last night and they look OK. I'm concerned that a GW wash might not bond to them, but I might be able to get a Tamiya ink/wash or make my own if need be...
I also found a can of olive drab "camo" paint that says it's "ultra flat" so I tried that on three Shermans this morning. I'm working LATE tonight (12 hour shift today - which especially sucks at a 9 to 5, salaried office job!!), so I won't know how the camo paint came out until tomorrow...

I'm going to hand paint all the details and then clear coat every thing...

If I can get a few games in this weekend with my son and girlfriend I'll have a better idea of how much more money I am willing to spend on the game - I might just concentrate on tanks as that is what really caught my eye with the game.
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