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Diary Of An Army Part VI - Flames of War [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Diary Of An Army Part VI [Sep. 17th, 2006|01:23 pm]
Flames of War


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Wednesday 30th August

A late start - sleeping pills kicked with a vengeance - meant that I wasted the entire morning before travelling over to the new place to get the gas turned on, something that I had to sit around and wait for until 4:30pm! At least the move tomorrow will go ahead, but I only managed to make a little progress with the last lot of figures - basecoat, helmets and blacklined webbing was the state of play by the end of the night. Evan will want his painting bench back tomorrow (he's been very patient and generous with his work space) so that's the end for this lot of infantry until at least next week at the earliest. The funny thing is that these are all the prone figures - a bren team and three (3) PIAT teams plus a few standard riflemen to fill out the remaining bases. Once I've done these, I'll glue them all to the bases and get stuck into the Mortar Platoon. I might see if I can scrounge some more late war brits from my last source - but that'll take a little bit of work given that I only found these by looking closely. I'm really pleased that I've got so far with the army since effectively the 14th August.

I'm actually rather pleased with myself right now - I've proved that I can still paint to a fairly high standard, my confidence at completing tasks is back and I don't fear picking up a paintbrush anymore - I do however have a very high reagrd for painting in managable quantities which is why I doubt I'll try and finish my ancients and ACW armies in short order. I'll leave them until I get a decent palette of Vallejo Model and Game Colors so I can get the correct tonal qualities.